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Holiday Makirina




typ a2, apartments for 2 persons
typ b3, apartments for 3 persons
typ c4, apartments for 4 persons
typ d5, apartments for 5 persons
typ e6, apartments for 6 persons

TYP A2, APARTMENT for 2 persons: apartment typ-studio, situated on 1. floor of hotel. Sea view/park view.
Apartment consist of: 1 doubleroom with additional bed,TWC, kitchen, balcony.
Total area of studio-apartmen is 19,5 m/2 plus balcony of 6,5 m/2.

TYP B3, APARTMENT for 3 persons: consist of: bedroom with french bed, kitchen, livingroom, front space, bathroom, (TWC), terrace. In livingroom is kouch for third person. Total area of the apartment is 27,5 m/2, plus loggia 5,6 m/2. Apartments are situated on the groundfloor or on the 1. floor of apartments queues. Distance from sea is 50 m.

TYP C4, APARTMENT for 4 persons: consist of: 1 doubleroom, kitchen with diningroom, livingroom, front space, bathroom(TWC) and loggia. In livingroom is kouch as a bed with size and comfort of french bed for 2 persons. Total area of apartment is 38 m/2 plus loggia of 8,5 m/2. Apartments are situated on the groundfloor and on the l. and 2. floor of apartments queues, distance from sea is 20-50 m.

TYP D5, APARTMENT for 5 persons: consist of: 2 bedrooms, one is equipped with a french bed, and second with 2 separate beds for 2 persons, kitchen with diningroom, livingroom with kouch for 5. person, front space, bathroom (TWC) and terrace. Total area of apartment is 35,5 m/2 plus terrace of 7 m/2. Apartments are situated on the groundfloor and on the l. floor of apartments queues, distance from sea is 50 m.

TYP E6, APARTMENT for 6 persons: Intended for accomodation for 6 persons, by part are on one floor / by part on two floors - in combination of groundfloor - 1.floor ore 1.floor - front space (mansard). On the 1.floor there are kitchen, livingroom and loggia, on the 2.floor there are 2 bedrooms. One bedroom is equipped with french bed, second is with 2 separate beds for 2 persons. In livingroom is a couch with size and comfort as french bed for 2 persons. Total area of apartment is 56 m/2, plus loggia of 8,5 m/2, plus terrace of 16 m/2. Apartments queues in which the apartments E-6 are situated, are on a distance from the sea of 50 m.


 Facilities and services:
 - restaurant
 - aperitiv-bar
 - evening and daily terrace
 - exchange office

Sport and leisure:
- volley ball
- entertainment and  dance in the   city centre
Distance from:
- sea 50 m
- centre 250 m
- shop 100 m
- restaurant 20 m
- disco 500 m
- post office, pharmaci, ambulance   250 m
- sport place 20 m

in all typs of apartments: terrace and loggia are equipped with garden sitting suit
kitchens are equipped with complete dishes and set for eat
bed clothes is changing 1 x a week, towels are changing 2 x a week
daily cleaning of apartments as daily change of towels should be arranged directly with   a quest, by additional payment on a spot
all apartments are equipped with: telephones with direct call election / payment on the   reception before departure
in all typs of apartments is sat-tv
na vrh


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