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Holiday Makirina


KORNATI / 08.00-18.00 / departure from Pirovac port (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), departure from Vodice at Tuesday
price included: cruise with tourist boat "Negrit", ticket for np Kornati, apheritiv, lunch (meat or fish), glass of vine - gratis, tourist guide
price: /

National park Kornati is one of the most indented island groups on the Mediterranean, a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea. It is the bluest corner of the Adriatic where the blue colour of sea stands out even more in contrast with white-greyish rocky ground which prevails on the islands. With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports Kornati are a must destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons. Since 1980 NP Kornati protects and guards the prettiest part of Croatian Adriatic Sea from the man and for humanity. Boundaries of the park enclose two thirds of the island group and cliffs carrying the common name of Kornati. The park covers an area of approximately 218 million m2 out of which 3/4 are sea and 1/4 islands, islets and cliffs.

One of the most impressing natural phenomena on Kornati are cliffs on the stretch of islands of Donji Kornati, which are facing open sea. Since ancient times cliffs have been called crowns (crown �korona) and that is probably the etymology of the name Kornati. The highest cliffs of Kornati are on the island of Klobučar (80 metres), on Mana (65 metres), on Raąip veli (64 metres) etc. Underwater extensions of these cliffs go as 100 metres deep.

Thursday: bus / boat / 09.00-17.30 / departure from the busstation in Vodice
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: with the boat from the port in Vodice /09.00-17.30/
price includes: bus (+ boat from Šibenik), entrance in the np Krka, lunch and a guide
price: /

National park Krka covers the area along the flow of river Krka, which springs three kilometres northeast of Knin and it passes through the deep and vivid 75 km long canyon forming deafening falls - Krčić, Risnjak, Miljacka, the Roąki slap Falls (26) and the famous Skradinski buk Falls (the Krka Falls 46m), the greatest calcareous travertine barrier in Europe. The lower Krka flows through Prukljansko jezero lake and flows into 9 km long bay - Šibenski zaljev. In NP Krka, two cultural and historic monuments stand out: the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac and the Krka monastery and the most important town in the group of picturesque towns on the park area is Skradin - the town protected as a cultural monument.

Visovac is situated in the central wide area of river Krka, where green water opened up a Karst plateau creating a harmonic amalgamation of natural and historic heritage. Surrounded by hilly plateau of Miljevac and beautiful field of Rupsko that with great effort unite beauty under the wing of blue colour of its lake, it defies tempests brought by historic events through centuries. First written mention of it was recorded in documents dating from 14 th century where there was an Hermitage there. Around 1445 Franciscans settled on this island, expanded it and occupied themselves with learning and education; in 1576 they built a monastery and a church, which was redecorated in 18 th century.

FISH PICNIC / 10.00-17.00 / departure from Pirovac port by boat
price includes: driving by boat, portion fish, gratis 1 glass of wine, swimming on the sand beach on island Vrgada, guide
price: /

DUBROVNIK and MEĐUGORJE / 04.30-22.30 / departure from the agency
price includes: driving by bus, ticket, guide, lunch and dinner,visiting
Centro della vita - visiting the saintly Međugorje.
price: /

PLITVICE / 07.00-21.00 / departure from the agency
price includes: driving by bus, ticket in the np Plitvice, lunch and guide
price: /

NIGHT CRUISING ON THE PIROVAC GULF with visiting the Island of love (Sustipanac), departure from the port in Pirovac at 21.00.
price includes: night cruise by boat on the Pirovac gulf, fishing from the boat, one fish dinner, gratis glass of wine and party with dalmatian music.
price: /

price includes: driving by bus to the lake, aktiv fishing, lunch and guide.
price: /

08.30-15.30, Friday departure from the agency / hotel
price includes: driving by bus, guide, ticket for the np "Krka", driving by boat
Skradinski buk - Skradin
price: / (Pirovac).

TROGIR departure from the agency at 07.30.
price includes: driving by bus, guide, ticket
price: /

SPLIT departure from the agency at 07.30.
price includes: driving by bus, guide, ticket
price: /

ZADAR departure from the agency / hotel at 08.00
price includes: bus, guide, ticket for the "Gold and silver from Zadar" and "Sv. Donat" + Archaelogical museum Zadar
price: /


the excursions are daily organized with:

a) the ship: 15 m long for 100-110 pax
in nacional parks: "Kornati" + "Krka", than fisch-picnic on the island Vrgada
after wish we also organize night routes in bay of Pirovac to the island of love (Sustipanac)

b) the boat: NP Krka, Zadar + Nin, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik, Međugorje, NP Plitvice
for organized groups (minimum 35 persons), for avans payment we give discount of 15 % on
induvidual excursion prices





RAFTING - adventure on the river Cetini

After 25 km from Split and Makarska, the town Omią, a picturesque of the pirates' origin could be reached. It is situated at the source of the river Cetina and under slopes of the mountains Mosor and Biokovo. As such, it offers many different activities in the nature starting from walking, cycling, canoeing, free climbing, paragliding, diving, sailing and rafting.

a) Rafting - class I-II (cca. 9,5 km with finish at the restaurant Radmanove Mlinice)
Guests will be greated at the restaurant in Radmanove Mlinice (6 kilometres from Omią, along the left coast of the river Cetina), where transport will be organized to the starting position. Trip will end in Radmanove Mlinice after 3-4 hours of drifting through the canyon of one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. During the high seasons the air temperature amounts up to 30° C whereas the water temperature reaches 20° C being thus fit for swimming, hidro massages and etc.
Along the whole path the plain portions of the river and currents, estimated as ones of the I and II level, are being varied. Although these currrents could be easily managed, the combined manoeuvres are necessary. Since the whole path does not require specific physical capacity even the children accompanied by their parents could participate in rafting (30% of discount ).

At the beginning of the trip the crew and the guide should be introduced, the necessary equipment shoud be taken and tried out (swimming jackets, helmet, paddle).
Within the starting point the river happens to be calm, therefore this point should be used as the site where the visitors could grasp the basic knowledge in order to have a beter and safer trip. The folloving part of the river is affluent with currents, different obstacles, water falls and abundant vegetation which creates natural tunnels giving thus the impression of being far away from the civilisation. At this portion of the river a beautiful cave behind the water fall Studenci is to be visited. Having visited the cave, the visitors will enjoy their meal during the break. By approaching Radmanove Mlinice, the river is becoming calm giving to the guest the possibility of settling down the impressions.

b) Rafting - class II-III (cca. 7 km with start at the Blato na Cetini)
Rafting trip at this part of the river Cetina is possible if a flow is 12 cubic meter per second or more ( usual flow during summer is 5-8 cubic meter per second).
Gathering is at the gas station in Zadvarje (unless previously arranged otherwise). Buses will be waiting there to take us to Blato na Cetini (start point).
Our journey will take us through the magnificent canyon of River Cetina, with average depth 40-100 meters, and it will last approximately 2 hours. At the end we will climb to the place where buses (or guests cars) will be awaiting.

During the trip one could admire wealthy flora and fauna and explore the phenomena of the Dalmatian karst as well as to give a personal contribution towards the river and nature preservation.

Short and T-shirts, sandals or sport's shoes is everything you need during your stay at the river. The rest of the equipment is provided by the organiser. Take the towel, dry clothes and shoes you will put on after the trip. It is useful to be protected from the sun while at the river. If you want to take pictures, it is recommendable a waterproof camera. It is advisable not to take the valuable objects (jewellwry, watches) and if you wear glasses tight them by the thin rope.

A stay in the wilderness include the injury risks: in order to avoid them it is of extreme importance to pay attention to the guide (skipper) !
No drugs and alcohol use!
The environment must not be damaged or defiled!

The prices:
a) Rafting - klasa I-II - /
b) Rafting - klasa II-III - /

The price includes the transport from Radmanove Mlinice (or Zadvarje) to start point, a boat and equipment rent, a rafting guide hire, fruit meal and insurance.
We have full winter equipment (socks, wet suit and anorak ) for cold conditions.

Regardless the time of departure it is obligatory to book for the trip. We also need a contact telephone number for all the possible alterations.

WHITE WATER CANOE - on the wild river- Cetina
Easy padding on quiet parts of the river cetina in insinkable kayaks for two or canoes for more people as well as conquering the rapids ideal for beginners will stay in your memory forever. following the river currents, you will pass by picturesque fields through which the meandering river passes and so relaxed, feel the intoxication of the calm and quiet which surrounds you.

CANYONING - adventure in the canyon of the river Cetine
For thousands of years the river Cetina has shaped the canyon creating wonderous shapes in the rock of its basin. A clear and clean river pleasent for bathing, cliffs up to one hundred and eighty metres in height, waterfalls, underwater tunnels, lakes, the fifty metre high Gubavica waterfall and the humming of the river which becomes louder and louder will allow you to experience the true power and beauty of nature.

To see, hear and feel nature, at the same time enjoying a leisurely bike ride or conquer the summit, ride down the mountains, test your body over the gravel paths at the base, follow the river flow, discover islands and choose from various bike levels is a unique pleasure. if you join in, you will discover an new world and celebrate the taste of your own victory.

Free climbing under the watchful eye of instructors and using the appropriate climbing gear, is an absolutely safe sport which really everyone can try. The most important thing to know is how to choose the right direction - that is, that the difficulty of the climb is suited to your physical abilities and you will truly enjoy in climbing equally as much as experienced climbers.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the beaches full of swimers, we invite you to try kayaking to pebble beaches accessible only from the sea. You will explore caves and cavern, underwater springs and bathe in the beautiful, crystal clear sea.

In this game which increases adrenalin and attracts people looking for a good time, equally important is physical fitness and intelligence. The war game, in which you shoot at your opponents with balls which leave color traces, requires your absolute attention and concentration. Paintball can be organised, other then on already existing terrains, at various locations on the coast or islands.




SPORT FISHING - on the river Cetina



If you are a nature lover, if you like long walks or enjoy a bike ride, here is a map which will make it all possible for you.

From the centre of Pirovac, the trail takes you towards Stankovci where you will have several possibilities.

1. If after 4 km ride you turn to the left on the gravel road through olive-groves and vineyards, after only 4,5 km ride you will come close to the Vransko Lake. At the crossroads you can choose between two directions: The left one takes you to Prosika (3 km) and then 2 km along the Adriatic Highway, where you have to ride particularly carefully, back to Pirovac. If you take the road to the right which is longer you can come to Vrana (19 km) or Banjevci (5 km).

2. If from Pirovac you take a road to Kaąić (7 km) and ride through this place on a tarmac road to the crossroads (2 km) where you turn to the left, you will
reach the lake from the north side through an interesting canyon.

3. If from Pirovac you take a road to Banjevci (9 km) and ride through this place to Donji Bakovići (3 km) where the road ascends to the belvedere "Kamenjarka" (2 km), you can enjoy the view of the Vransko Lake and of Komati Islands in front of you (photo).

Have a nice holiday time!!!

We are looking forward to welcome you in Pirovac.